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Vikane (sulfuryl fluoride) is used in a wide range of applications as a cultural property fumigation gas. Since it is positioned under the Poisonous and Deleterious Substances Control Law and high-pressure gas, it is necessary to take the technical training conducted by our company when handling and using it.

Vikane (fumigation gas, a cultural property)

Vikane cylinder

In Japan, we use fumigation gas as fumigation gas to exterminate pests without damaging the collections of museums and wooden structures such as shrines, temples and castle toes.
Overseas, it is used as fumigation gas in pest control of general houses and in public facilities such as libraries, churches and hotels, and is also used for fumigation of vehicles, containers and grains.


Vikane Fumigation Site (US General Housing)

6 excellent features of Vikane

① Little impact on cultural properties

Fumigation using vikane has not been reported to affect cultural properties so far. There are no reports of discoloration or defects in the collection, and the DNA of animal and plant specimens is not destroyed.

② High diffusivity and permeability

Since the boiling point is extremely low at -55 ° C, it exists as a gas at room temperature and exhibits excellent diffusivity. In a closed fumigation facility, it spreads quickly and has high permeability to the collection, ensuring that pests and their eggs are killed. In addition, proper gas exhaust after fumigation can quickly remove gas from the storage and storage, reducing the risk of exposure to the human body due to residual gas.


③ Not flammable or explosive

When you hear the word gas, you may be concerned about explosiveness and flammability, but Vikane does not have to worry about it. You can do fumigation of cultural properties with confidence.

④ Non-carcinogen

It has not been found to be carcinogenic by the IARC (International Agency for Research on Cancer) and is not mutagenic to the human body.


⑤ Eco-friendly

The global warming coefficient and ozone depletion potential are low, and the impact on the global environment is low.

⑥ Economical

It is also economical because the fumigation process period from curing to fumigation to curing dismantling is shortened due to its characteristics of high diffusivity, permeability to the collection, high insecticidal effect, quick gas release, and low residual property. Work can be done according to the closed schedule of museums, art galleries, etc.

We will protect valuable cultural properties and pass them on to the future. Vikane will help you.

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